10 Wildest Rides from Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction

If you're a car nut, it should be no surprise that many of the world's rarest and most coveted autos just exchanged hands in Arizona, as part of Scottsdale Auction Week. We saw some top-dollar Ferraris and a few rarified Dodge Charger Daytonas – all expected, though nonetheless cool.  But the Barrett-Jackson auction debuted a number of cars you might not have expected to see cross the block, or frankly, even knew existed. We've sifted through the docket to bring you the 10 wildest motorized contraptions from the event: take a look. 1960 Pininfarina X Sedan Price: $330,000 Need proof that every industry was obsessed with the Space Race? Ta-da! The X Sedan was built as a special experimental project by Batista “Pinin” Farina himself, and through its radical design achieved higher top speeds and lower fuel consumption than its '60s contemporaries. The single front wheel provides steering, dual side wheels provide stability, while the unitary rear wheel provides the power. Give it time and we'll all be driving these. 2007 Blastolene B-702 Roadster Price: $550,000 While it looks like something plucked from France in 1930 – well, that's the inspiration – this striking roadster is a much more modern product, built by Michael Leeds and Randy Grubb of Blastolene. Fitting its gargantuan proportions, there's quite a large engine underneath – a 702ci V12, produced by GMC for its 1960s medium duty trucks. 1990 Sky Commuter Concept Price: $71,500 The flying car has captivated the minds of many a brilliant thinker, Boeing engineers included. In the late 1980s, a group of them got together to build such a concept, and this was it. Though after over $6 million went into development, the project was canned. Three were produced and this is the only survivor. 2013 Helicat Catamaran Boat Price: $17,600 It's a helicopter. It's a boat. Actually, no, it's just a boat. The helicopter-inspired catamaran was built to figuratively 'fly' over rough water, with top speed pegged at 45 mph. Power comes from dual 60 horsepower Mercury motors. It's the perfect vehicle for the super-villain on the go. Beverly Hillbillies Truck Price: $275,000 Big fan of The Beverly Hillbillies? You just missed your chance to buy the truck. This iconic Hillbillies pickup was built by movie vehicle legend George Barris, as one of five vehicles for the TV show. It later starred in the movie, and yes – the mannequins came as part of the sale. 1968 Lotus #70 Turbine-Powered Indy 500 Car Price: Didn't meet reserve Motor racing has its phases of radical technical development, and during the 1960s, turbine power made its debut. Andy Granatelli and Lotus founder Colin Chapman put the technology to good use in their STP-sponsored #70 Lotus, which legendary racer Graham hill drove to set a new track speed record at Indianapolis. Unfortunately, he crashed out late in the race. 1969 X-Ray by Ray Fahrner Price: $33,000 Ever heard of the World of Wheels Autorama? Then you've heard of Ray Fahrner. The Missouri custom car builder started the series to promote some of his own builds, this being one of his most radical. The X-Ray features the chassis and running gear from a Jaguar XK150, with looks and design that captivate over 45 years later. 1950 General Motors Futurliner Price: $4 million Faced with war and widespread economic depression, General Motors sought to pull America from its slump with a vision of the future. The 'Parade of Progress' tour began, and in 1940 the GM Futurliner became its touring packhorse. The proceeds from the sale of this fine example, one of only 12 original buses, were donated to the Armed Forces Foundation. 1978 Tupolev A-3 Gullwing Boat Price: $220,000 The unfortunate side effect of being a Soviet cosmonaut was that if you came down hard, you could be left stranded in the middle of Siberia. The Russians thought that didn't sound fun, so they enlisted the Tupolev Aircraft Company to build them an amphibious rescue vehicle capable of operating at freezing temperatures and in hostile tundra. This is it. 1957 Chevrolet Monster Truck School Bus Price: $44,000 This could also make a pretty decent amphibious recovery vehicle. Dubbed the 'School of Hard Knocks' bus, the custom 16-passenger Chevy features massive tires, a hearty 345ci V8, four-wheel steering, and the obligatory custom sound system.