Watch This Airplane Make a Terrifying Sideways Landing

It can be fun flying, but when the weather is rough, all bets are off. Not only can your flight get uncomfortably bumpy, but the landing can jar your teeth. This particular touchdown probably had half the passengers praying as they watched the airplane come at the runway from the side. The plane was attempting to land at Leeds Bradford Airport in the UK during very windy conditions (which aren't unusual at this airport). It is the highest airport in the country and one where it is notoriously difficult to land even on the best of days. Last week, winds reached up to 100 MPH putting the skills of pilots to the test. RELATED: Watch the Slowest Massive Boat Crash Ever The high winds were caused by a 250 MPH jet stream which, according to Daily Mail, cut flight times to the UK by as much as 2 hours, but the landings people endured might not have been worth the shorter flight times. This Ryanair jet made more than one attempt, aborting one landing before managing to land safely on this try. Still, watching this video is enough to have you cancelling your plans to fly and booking a rental car instead. The pilot doesn't come at the runway from one end, but from way off to one side. The wind eventually blows the plane through the air until it ends up right over the runway just as it touches down. RELATED: Stay on the ground and get a Quadcopter
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