Watch Jimmy Fallon Give His Pros and Cons on Self-Driving Cars

Jimmy Fallon has repeatedly proved that he is — at least in some way — a bit of a car guy. The comedian held a contest for local auto dealers to see who would be selling him his new truck. He’s had multiple bits throughout his time on the Tonight Show involving the auto industry including #MyWorstCar. And Fallon was also on a two-part episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedian’s in Cars Getting Coffee.” Now it seems The Tonight Show host is taking a dig at self-driving cars, coming off a few new unveilings at CES. It's hilarious, but also keeps that underlying fear alive with a few all too real objections. You can almost hear the audience get squeamish when he first tells them what he's about to discuss. RELATED: See Photos of the Autonomous Audi Prologue Concept Either way, autonomous cars are coming, so we better get used to it. At least we know Fallon can inject some comedy into this relatively sore subject for enthusiasts. Watch the full segment here:
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