Will the Next-Gen Jeep Wrangler go Hybrid?

A million Jeep fans across the globe just screamed and emphatic “No!”, the next Wrangler should adhere to its tried and true underpinnings. However in today's world of stringent emissions control and MPG weariness, hybridization and electrification have become ever more popular. On a rough-and-tumble Wrangler though? The lines begin to blur and community response remains a top concern. In an interview with the UK's Auto Express, Jeep brand president Mike Manley admitted, “You have the potential for hybrid powertrains in the future. For those people who use the Wrangler, the most important thing is the initial torque and the crawl ratio.” Electric motors can surely provide that low-end torque and crawl speed, though a larger stumbling block to hybridization presents itself on the trail – range. “If you are eight hours and four miles into a trail, there is not a hybrid that we could do which could provide the battery support,” mentions Manley. RELATED: Check out the new special edition Jeep Wrangler 'Willys Wheeler' The new Jeep Wrangler, expected to debut for the 2017 model year, faces a challenge similar to Land Rover with the new Defender – readying each historic off-roader to meet the latest efficiency standards without damaging its off-road capability and status. In addition to hybridization prospects, Jeep is expected to heave diesel power underneath the hood of US-spec Wranglers, and as early as 2016. As of yet, the exact engine has yet to be confirmed, though it will likely be Chrysler's 3.0-liter diesel V6, already US-certified and put to work underneath the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500. Manley did confirm that the next Wrangler will extensively use aluminum, high-strength steel, and perhaps even carbon fiber to shed a signifiant amount of weight. One thing is for sure. The next-generation Jeep Wrangler will still look like a Jeep. Manley noted, “If we styled a Wrangler that didn't look like a Wrangler, I would have to have eight security guards!” RELATED: Check out the new Jeep Wrangler 'Level Red' Concept ________________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide