Watch An Elephant Demolish a Car in Thailand

There are all sorts of hazards one has to avoid while driving: bad roads covered with potholes, careless drivers in other cars, and animals that love to scurry out in front of you. Deer are particularly troublesome, but in Thailand, you've got to watch for those darn elephants. Some incredibly unlucky guy in Thailand is in for quite a repair bill thanks to an elephant that decided his car would be a good place to sit down for a few minutes. This all happened in Khao Yai National Park over the weekend. RELATED: The Jungle-Worthy Land Rover Defender 110 Adventure The Mass Communication Organization of Thailand released video of the elephant squashing the front of the car but good. He walks over, stomps on the car, sits down awkwardly, then wanders off back into the jungle. There is just no way that's going to buff out. Luckily, those in the car were okay. There's video taken by a passerby and from inside the car, which is amazing because grabbing some video would not be my first thought the moment an elephant was poised to attack my car. According to IFLScience, the 8-year-old elephant may have been acting aggressively due to mating season. RELATED: The Possibly Better For Elephant Encounters 2014 Brabus Mercedes-Benz B635 700 6x6
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