Part Caravan, Part Treehouse, All Awesome

Most people wouldn't ordinarily think to take an old camping trailer and lift it several stories into the sky with a huge scissor lift. But that's exactly what French artist Bufalino Benedetto has done. With his Caravane Dans La Ciel (Caravan in the sky), he's taken something that is usually backing up traffic or providing shelter for travelers and more or less turned it into a treehouse. He'd probably put it more artistically than that, but that's what he did. Benedetto has done other such whacky urban or transportation-themed pieces before, including a fish tank inside of a city photo booth, a hot tub made out of a Seat Ibiza, and crude cardboard bodywork in the shape of a Ferrari Testarossa that will fit over an old Citroen. This treehouse, though, is likely his tallest work. PHOTOS: See Pictures of the 2014 Mini Cowley Caravan Being on a scissor lift, the caravan starts on the ground and slowly raises the probably terrified occupants up to the treetops or even higher. Even though the caravan itself wasn't furnished for the initial demonstration, it's easy to imagine how a couple of couches and a card table would liven up the place. It's hard to say what you would do with a caravan treehouse, but it is art after all. It's probably best not to move around too much inside or raise it up in any strong breezes, though. When raised all the way, it looks very ready to just fall over. RELATED: ROAD TRIP! 7 Awesome RVs ________________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide