Marcus' Mean 1973 Nova SS Custom: Your Ride

In our more formative years, many teenagers – with their freshly earned driver's licenses – dream of owning a muscle car. More often than not, it doesn't happen and we end up with our parent's old car, only to move on to a sensible sedan later on in life. 

Boldride reader Marcus felt that same longing. Except when he grew up, he actually bought one, and this is it – Marcus' sleek 1973 Chevy Nova SS Custom. Read on to find out how he got it, and why it now churns out over 500 horsepower.

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How did you acquire your Nova?

When I was 16, I wanted a muscle car so badly. The hardest part was saving up and finding one that was in good shape. My dad had been working on cars since '64 – he's had a '58 Corvette, '68 Camaro, Mustangs, and more – so I figured I needed to see what it was all about. In 2012, after saving for quite a long time, I bought this one online.

My father and I drove it about 40 miles back home with a broken tie rod. Despite that, I remember how great it felt on the way back – everyone was honking and giving the thumbs up.

What attracted you to the Nova?

My pops always talked about them from his younger days. His dream was to build a black Nova with a four-speed, monster motor, fiberglass nose, and call it 'Black Sabbath.' I always liked the Novas – just something about it says 'sleeper.'

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Does it have a name?

We call it the 'Street Sweeper'.

What doe you feel like when you drive it?

My daily driver is a 2014 Camaro V6 manual, which is fun to drive. But the power behind the's something else. The day I got the car in tune I damn near cried – the thing is so fast it scared the hell out of me. It really takes some getting used to all that power, but I love it, especially because my whole family was involved with the car.

Gotta love that feeling of going down the road, hearing the exhaust rumble and that engine scream when you put your foot through the floor. The smell of burnt rubber too. The car really takes you back to the good 'ol days – they just don't make classics like this anymore.

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Is there anything that you would change?

Hmm...more power.

What have you done to make it 'bolder'?

The Nova came with rally wheels, a 350ci small block Chevy engine, a TH350 transmission, 10-bolt rear, and gauges that didn't work. The first thing I did was add some new Cragar SS wheels. About a year later we put in a new motor – a 500 horsepower 383ci stroker – and added a 200R4 transmission, new driveshaft, 12-bolt rear, 3.73 gears, a new gas tank, Calvert traction bars, new gauges, a B&M Street Bandit shifter, a whole new interior, and much, much more.

Any dream accessories?

I'd love to get an 8-71 blower. It's very intimidating pulling up on someone with that setup!

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