Do All Autonomous Cars Have to be Ugly?

Here’s a question to all you auto manufacturers out there: How can you make a car that drives itself, but can’t be bothered looking halfway decent? I mean seriously. Mercedes showed everyone that horrid F015 just the other day, and Google’s quirky idea for a self-driver isn’t much better. It genuinely concerns me that cars of the future — while driving themselves — will look hideous in the process. So to answer the question of “are all autonomous cars ugly?" No; here are a few cars that actually look good and drive themselves (click on the links to learn more): BMW 2 Series Connected Drive If you don’t think the 2 Series is a cool car, you’re probably a communist. Even cooler than a regular 2 Series, though, is one that can drift for you while you sit back and send out dumb Tweets, or whatever. Audi RS7 Piloted Driving Good news, Audi decided that while this RS7 can totally drive itself, it doesn’t have to wear some silly new body to do it. It looks like an RS7 (albeit with a tuxedo on). The RS7 is still really pretty. End of story. Audi Prologue Piloted Driving Where the RS7 stays pretty, the Audi Prologue gets much prettier. It’s got a sleek front end, sharp wheels, and a long, curvy body. Just sit back and look cool as this thing takes you where you want it to. Rinspeed XchangE It may have a baby throw up green paint job, but paint it white, or red, and it doesn’t look any different than a regular Tesla Model S. That’s a good thing. See, self-driving cars don't all have to be ugly after all. _______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide