Scotsman Pulled Over For DUI On a Bouncy Ball

It must be awesome to be Scottish what with the cool accent and the kilts and whatnot. They also have some wonderful things to drink that may leave you intoxicated and definitely not fit for getting behind the wheel. Substituting a bouncy ball for a car and heading out onto the highway, in case you were thinking of trying it, is not a viable alternative and will result in a visit from the police. This really seems like a story that should be an urban legend, but it truly happened and was witnessed by a couple of police officers who were patrolling in Dundee. They saw a rather drunken man riding his bouncy ball down the road heading for a tunnel. One can only hope the officers pursued on official police bouncy balls because it seems like those should be a thing. RELATED: See The Less Crazy Than a Bouncy Ball 2013 BMW 3-Series Fluidum They easily caught up to the drunken man and had a chat with him, likely explaining the many reasons why a bouncy ball is not an acceptable means of transit on a road where cars will squash you and your toy flat. The most precious bit of this whole story from The Scotsman (via Jalopnik) is one officer's initial reaction. "I wondered what it was at first but then I saw the two wee horns sticking out the top," which apparently is all you need to be able to definitively identify a bouncy ball. You keep being your awesome self, Scotland. RELATED: See The Also Less Crazy Than a Bouncy Ball 2005 Ford '40 GT SEMA ________________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide