Luxury Cars Potentially Safe in Grounded Cargo Ship

News broke on Monday when the Hoegh Osaka, a massive 590 foot cargo ship, intentionally ran aground in the Solent between mainland UK and the Isle of Wight. And if you fancy yourself a luxury British car, it was a heavy blow. Its cargo consists of around 1,400 vehicles, including 1,200 Jaguar Land Rover cars and SUVs, 65 Minis, and 105 JCB construction vehicles.  Given the cargo vessel's dangerous 45 degree list atop what is known as the Bramble Bank sandbar, safely freeing the ship remains priority number one, while the recovery of its luxury goods takes a back seat. It's hard not to expect that the cars will have suffered an extensive amount of damage in the process, however according to the BBC, the vehicles may be in better shape than initially predicted. RELATED: Watch this giant cargo ship plow right into shore
Eric Williams of the Williams Shipping company, which is working with rescuers to help free the vessel, told the BBC News that the vehicles were all well strapped down and not nearly as damaged as initially feared. “We were told that the cars were still strapped down in position, which is incredible. We understand that some of the heavy machinery has moved.” As it sits, the 51,000 ton ship has around 500 tons of marine diesel on board, which will need to be siphoned off if the rescue process delays extensively. EDIT: The BBC now reports the ship is secure and in the process of being towed back to port. The vessel's 25 crew members were safely extracted by airlift and life boat with no one suffering life threatening injuries. The Hoegh Osaka developed a severe lean shortly after leaving its Southampton port, on its way to Bremerhaven, Germany. The captain intentionally ran the Hoegh Osaka aground on Bramble Bank in order to prevent the vessel from capsizing altogether. RELATED: Watch two giant cargo ships crash into each other in the Suez Canal _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide