Porsches and Skis Combine for ‘World’s Most Dangerous Sport’

Sixty years ago, the “world’s most dangerous sport” was apparently strapping on a pair of skis and schussing through the Bavarian Alps behind a Porsche or motorcycle. At the time it was called a ski race with a new twist. As in one twist of the wheel the wrong way or a twist of your skis and you probably became a frozen vegetable. But what the heck - it’s all good, clean icy fun. RELATED: Watch an Inline Skater Behind a Dodge Challenger As the British Pathe announcer breathlessly intones, “The skiers who have decided sheer gravity doesn’t give them enough kick, hitch themselves to motorbikes and cars and take the fastest way home.” They hit speeds up to 100 mph. Olympians hit that speed going downhill. The world record is 156.2 mph. All this racing in 1955 was for a laurel of dead plants to be draped around your neck. Check out the video to see just how tough these SOBs were with their missing-tooth grins. Supposedly “not a single competitor put a foot wrong,” the announcer says, but then again, this is 1955 when snuff films weren’t widely shown on news reels. RELATED: See Photos of the 1959 Porsche 365A Super Cabriolet Props to the skiers who show some mad cornering techniques. They use their hands to pivot much like good motocross racers dip their feet on intense corners. They really show their big snowballs, though, with cars passing them. I’d be creating lots of yellow snow under similar circumstances. RELATED: See Photos of the Porsche Type 804 Formula 1 Car
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