Karen's Fiery 2011 Camaro SS: Your Ride

Every gearhead has a reason for getting up underneath the hood of a car, busting knuckles, and turning wrenches. Like many enthusiasts before her, BoldRide reader Karen W followed in the footsteps of her father, and felt the bite of the automotive bug early on. 

She has gone on to become a certified GM technician, but she never forgot the man and the childhood memories that guided her into an automotive career. Karen is the proud owner of this slick 2011 Inferno Orange Chevy Camaro. Read on to find out why this blazing pony car means so much to her.

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Where did you find your Camaro?

My husband was home from a deployment to Afghanistan and it just so happened that the Chevy dealership three miles down the road from our house had the exact Camaro in stock that I had been building online at Chevy's website, since 2009. We went to look at it, just to see if we could even afford it.

That same day – August 15, 2011 – my father passed away, and I was a wreck. If it wasn't for him, I would have never been where I am today. The next day, my husband Lath went straight back to the dealership and purchased my dream car as a gift, and that Camaro has made me smile every single day because it reminds me of both my husband and my dad.

What drew you in when you first bought it?

I've always been a Camaro girl. I was so sad when they cancelled the car in 2002 – I had always dreamed of being able to own a brand-new SS Camaro in Hugger Orange. When they announced the comeback of the 2010 model, I knew I had to have one and it had to be an SS with the LS3 V8 and a six-speed manual in Inferno Orange Metallic.

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Does it have a name?

His name is Sasuke, pronounced “Sah-s-kay.” He's renamed after a favorite anime ninja ... and my striped cat.

What do you feel like when you drive it?

Amazing. Nothing feels better than sitting inside the car and hearing the sound of that Chevy V8 – so much power at my fingertips. It's also brought me a lot of joy in meeting other Camaro enthusiasts through Derby City Camaro Club.

What would you change about the car?

I wish it had a factory T-top option.

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What have you done to make it a 'bolder' ride?

The Camaro has custom-painted stripes by Kenneth Doty, ZR28 wheels, a GM ground effects kit, and custom orange lighting in the engine bay, behind the wheels, and under the car. There are dual scanners in the grill, dual halo headlights and foglights up front, Technostalgia taillights, as well as custom badges, a spoiler, hoodliner, VDI Lambo doors ... and a whole lot more.

On the inside, we've got orange carpeting on black leather with suede inserts, body color door panels, murals in the door panel inserts, painted dash trim, orange interior lighting as well as light-up Camaro doorsills. We installed an SLP Loudmouth axle-back exhaust, Stainless Works long tube headers and high-flow cats, a Barton short-throw shifter, CAI cold air intake, custom engine cover that illuminates the word 'Camaro' down the rails, and a body color fuse box signed by the 2014 Oshawa plant Camaro build team. Both strut towers are signed by all the engineers, designers, and a few others from GM's Team Camaro.

Dream accessory for the Camaro?

I'm still hoping for an aftermarket T-top conversion. My husband's Trans Am has them and I love having that view as well as the option to go 'topless.'

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