Russian Ex-Military Vehicle Now Serves as a Taxi

Visiting the Russian city of St. Petersburg and need a safe set of wheels? No problem. One of the city's taxi companies converted a decommissioned military armored personnel carrier into a taxi. And while it might not be the fastest cab in town, it's most certainly the safest ... and the reddest.  According to Russia Today, the scarlet BRDM-2 taxi is the result of a long licensing battle between the taxi firm that purchased it and city authorities, no pun intended. A permit for the burly APC was finally granted once the company agreed to do away with the vehicle's camouflage paint; a 'fire fighting' red hue was chosen instead. Yes, that is a machine gun on top, though worry not, it has been deactivated. RELATED: The 2014 KiraVan is the ultimate wilderness exploration vehicle
Additionally, per the permit regulations and due to the BRDM's massive 15,000 pound weight, the taxi is restricted from entering certain historically significant portions of St. Petersburg, where its heft could damage infrastructure. Although seemingly very ridiculous, RT does point out a potential benefit of putting the APC into taxi service – amphibious capability. During the city's notorious 'white nights' (a time when the night sky remains lit), a number of city bridges are raised to allow boat traffic through for several hours, leaving residents stranded in certain parts of the city. The BRDM would allow passengers a way across the Neva River that they aren't apt to forget. Though be warned, it doesn't come cheap. If you are looking for a lift, the going rate for a ride in this brute sits at a substantial 5,000 rubles (around $87). RELATED: Check out this insane Toyota Tacoma Polar Exploration Vehicle ________________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide