New Tesla Roadster Will Go 400 Miles on a Single Charge

In terms of cars that foreshadowed impressive things to come, it doesn't get much more indicative than the Tesla Roadster. When it debuted, the techy EV sports car wowed critics and consumers alike, though it wasn't without its faults. Tesla made right on those shortcomings with the world-beating Model S, and now it's showing that it hasn't forgotten those early customers with a sweeping set of updates for the Roadster. 

The combined effort includes battery, aerodynamic, and tire updates set to boost total range by between 40 and 50 percent, up to an impressive 400 miles. Or as Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently mentioned in a tweet, non-stop driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco – a claim the firm plans to put to the test early next year.

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New Tesla Roadster Will Go 400 Miles on a Single Charge

The bulk of that performance comes courtesy of Tesla Motors' new 70kWh lithium-ion battery pack which delivers around 31 percent more energy than the car's original cell, while retaining the same size and shape as the standard unit. The upgrade also adds a drag-reducing aero kit to the Roadster, providing a 15 percent drag coefficient improvement (from 0.36 to 0.31), and low rolling resistance tires that contribute a 20 percent improvement over the original rubber.

Tesla's press release gives no official word on whether the Roadster 3.0 upgrade will allow charging within the company's Supercharger network, though it looks like a “no.” Musk mentioned in a tweet that subsequent range upgrades are in the works for the Model S in the long-term, though not to expect a battery upgrade anytime soon.

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