Will Work for Stock Options

Elon Musk has all sorts of crazy ideas in that head of his, including one for what he calls a hyperloop that would zip people across the country at 800 MPH in tubes that look straight out of the future. This idea came along with 57 pages of documentation that he released to the public because he was too busy to figure it all out. Other folks, it seems, have plenty of time to work out the details.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. is an El Segundo, California company made up of a whole bunch of smart people, just like Musk, who work in a variety of technical fields and are located all around the United States. About 100 people all together, they contribute to the project in their spare time for stock options instead of cash. 

These developers work at places like NASA, Boeing, and SpaceX — so there's some serious brainpower on this project. The group is split into teams that coordinate their efforts via email along with weekly calls. There's also a group of 25 UCLA students who have partnered with JumpStartFund to help the effort. The work is technical and very detailed, involving things like calculating algorithms to determine the best possible routes around buildings and geography as well as figuring out the design of the vehicles so pods are functional and safe. According to Wired, they're making very real progress and hope to build prototypes some time next year. Hopefully Musk's dream becomes a reality.

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