Watch Two Nissan Z Cars Drift to a Guinness Record

Nissan may manufacture the highly vaunted and 545-horsepower toting GT-R, but you don’t need an R35-sized pile of money to go sideways in a Datsun. As we’ve learned firsthand, Nissan’s other sports car – the 370Z – does a bang-up job in the drifting department. 

Want proof? Nissan Middle East just notched the Guinness World Record for the longest twin vehicle drift, set at 28.52 kilometers (17.7 miles), using a pair of Z cars: a 370Z and a 350Z. And instead of trying to imagine the entirety of your morning commute spent sideways, you can watch part of the drift record below. 

The event was held in Dubai, in partnership between Nissan Middle East and the Prodrift Academy. It showcased the launch of the new Nissan 370Z Drift Experience, which offers anyone the opportunity to learn how to get sideways and screechy. Over the years, Nissan has assembled quite a family of drift-ready autos – from the early Z cars to the Silvias, the Skyline GT-Rs, and its current 370Z and GT-R crop. Internet, let us know which sideways Nissan you'd have? 

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