See The HY-X Hyrdofoil That Could Replace Your Fancy Yacht

Yachts are the playthings of the wealthy, but this one is going to put all the other fancy toys to shame. It's the HY-X Hydrofoil concept and it aims to replace your traditional yacht with something more fun and more high tech. It is being developed through a joint effort between Hydros and JMKoncept with retractable hydrofoils that lift the craft 3.3 feet above the water at the press of a button. Those hydrofoils will someday support a 41-foot yacht which, unless someone comes out of nowhere to do it first, will be a new record length. RELATED: See the 2006 Rinspeed Splash Channel Challenge Car
This concept version of the yacht is a 1/2 scale prototype constructed out of carbon fiber with a pair of 35 horsepower engines to propel it. It can go up to 34.4 mph and will do so with a 30 percent fuel savings over traditional boats due to the reduced drag from lifting the body out of the water. It will be sold as the HY41 once it reaches production and this larger version will reach higher speeds. They estimate it will hit 40 mph piloted as a traditional boat in the water or up to 52 mph with the hydrofoils deployed. RELATED: See the 2013 WaterCar Panther
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