This Two-Wheel Land Cruiser Video is Beyond Insane

The Internet is chock-full of ridiculous things, but this video is absolutely in a league of its own (stop reading now, and watch it). If you’re still with me, a few guys in the United Arab Emirates decided to take their Toyota Land Cruiser and do some two-wheel-driving. We’ve seen it countless times before, and it’s unbelievable each time, but we’ve never seen it done quite like this … next to hovering RC stunt planes … with a giant UAE flag attached to the back. RELATED: Check out the best drones to buy for the holidays
The fact that this didn’t end in some sort of catastrophic accident is simply mind-blowing. Further to the point, it isn’t merely a 30 second clip or something that you’ll only ever see once. The skillful driver keeps the Land Cruiser balanced on two wheels for over four minutes! Four minutes! Somewhere in the mix, he even finds time to hop out of the window and give the crowd a wave. If the Ringling Brothers are watching, might we suggest recruiting this guy. RELATED: These 5 RC cars would make great stocking stuffers