Watch this Giant Helicopter Airlift Another Helicopter

Ever wondered how to transport a helicopter … through the air … without flying it? If Magneto isn’t on hand, you could do what the US Marine Corps does, and that is to find a bigger helicopter.  A CH-53E Super Stallion – the largest and heaviest helicopter in use by the US military – might do the trick. With over 4,000-horsepower coming from a trio of General Electric turboshaft engines, the hefty Stallion can lift any aircraft in the Marine arsenal … aside from the beefy KC-130, which means it ought to make light work of a Huey. RELATED: Check out the best drones to buy this holiday season
And it does. While airlifting something seems like a fairly simple task, a quick view of this video proves that it is not only hard work, but also a dangerous job. The aircrew stand atop the Huey, mere feet underneath a large swinging hoist cable, all while a 33,000-pound Stallion hovers overhead. Not such an easy job, right? This ranks right up there with the servicemen and women who refuel fighter jets in midair - very cool gents. RELATED: The AeroMobil 3.0 is the flying car of the future