Dan Bilzerian Takes His Brabus G63 6x6 to Glamis Sand Dunes

We live in a society where people can be famous not for their talents or achievements but simply for, well, being famous. Thanks to some poker skills and a trust fund, Dan Bilzerian is one of those people. Love him or hate him, though, the self-obsessed millionaire has some pretty cool stuff and does some pretty cool things, so it's ok to live vicariously through him once in a while. His activities last week are no exception. We've seen him drive over a BMW in a tank surrounded by models in bikinis and race a 600-horsepower stadium truck. For Thanksgiving, he took his recently acquired Brabus G63 6x6 for its first serious off-road outing. The 6x6 matches Bilzerian's personality (or at least the one he projects on social media) more than pretty much any other vehicle on the road. In other words, it's over the top. 700 horsepower, five differentials, six wheels and more carbon fiber bits than you can count are just some of the noteworthy features of the 6x6, an already wild vehicle made even more insane by Brabus. RELATED: Dan Bilzerian Now Owns a Mercedes 6x6, Of Course The Brabus's big trip off road took place last week at the Glamis sand dunes in southeastern California, and joining Bilzerian was off-road racer B.J. Baldwin with his own 800-horsepower off-road racer. These dunes, near the borders with Arizona and Mexico, are particularly popular for off-roaders and are wide open, perfect for machines with more power than anyone knows what to do with. This isn't much of a stunt by Dan Bilzerian standards, especially since there's no news of a massive quantity of girls being there. At the same time, though, it's good to know that the guy doesn't just buy crazy, ostentatious toys to post photos of on the internet. He actually uses them, too. [Photo: Dan Bilzerian via Facebook] RELATED: Dan Bilzerian Drives Over a BMW in a Tank, Because He Can