Watch this Guy Wakeboard Behind a Ferrari F50

Meet Jorge Gill. He’s your average 19-year-old British teenager who also just so happens to be the reigning wakeboarding British National Champion.Now we don’t normally follow the wakeboarding scene very much — or at all for that matter — but Jorge’s latest stunt might make us converts. As far as we can tell, wakeboarding normally doesn’t usually include riding behind a 513-horsepower Ferrari F50 supercar. However, luckily for all of us, now it does. RELATED: Take a closer look at the F1-engined 1995 Ferrari F50 supercar
Gill teamed up with the hoons over at TaxTheRich100 — you know, the folks who rallied a Ferrari Enzo, Rolls-Royce Phantom and Ferrari 288 GTO – to get pulled through a few murky waterways behind the F1-engined Ferrari. And that’s exactly what he did. RELATED: Black Friday Wakeboards and other extreme sports gear The driver gives what appears to be an “OK, we’re actually going to do this” engine rev then promptly screeches away with Jorge slicing across the water, tied-off on the rear wing of the million dollar Ferrari. If you should happen to own an expensive Ferrari, may we suggest letting this idea pass. Check out the video above to see the Ferrari F50 in all its wakeboarding glory, and below to watch Gill’s incredible speed run. PHOTOS: Could you ever imagine rallying a Ferrari Enzo?
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