Watch Sebastian Vettel Top Out a Ferrari F12

While the Formula 1 team has suffered over the past year, Ferrari's road cars haven’t. This video will show you exactly why. It's a Ferrari F12 berlinetta hitting a top speed of 218 mph in Abu Dhabi. It was captured last weekend, by a German journalist Matthias Malmedie. The kicker is that he was apparently riding in the passenger seat as his close friend and now Ferrari F1 driver Sebastian Vettel caned the supercar on Abu Dhabi’s public streets. RELATED: See Photos of the Ferrari F12 berlinetta
The video was uploaded by Malmedie via his YouTube account and states in the heading that it’s Vettel driving. However, it's never confirmed that it actually is Vettel in the driver’s seat since you never see his face. What’s also suspect is where the F12 came from. Could it be a present given to Vettel by Ferrari after he signed his contract? It would definitely be an upgrade to the Infiniti he’s been driving around. One thing you can’t deny though is the all-out insanity of this car’s speed. Ferrari’s Formula 1 team hasn’t won any races this season, and only came 4th in the constructors championship behind Mercedes, Red Bull, and Williams. They also lost their best talent, Fernando Alonso, (most likely) to McLaren. However, Ferrari made a bold move when they signed Four Time World Champion, Sebastian Vettel.Hopefully, this video and subsequently extremely fast speed will carry over to the F1 team. RELATED: See photos of the Ferrari F60 America ________________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide