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We first caught sight of the full Honda/Acura NSX Prototype about 10 days a go, and ever since we have wanted to hear the beautiful melody of the front-engined V10 GT-R killer. Various amateur clips have been floating around youtube over the past few days, but only high quality content makes it onto WCF. Fortunately German magazine Auto Motor und Sport have met our high standards with the production of a spy video of the new NSX powering round Nurburgring. We highly advise watching all 3 minutes and 19 seconds of the video, but it is strongly recommended a clean pair of trousers is on hand – the sound of the engine is awesome!

Even though still in its early stages of development, it has been reported the NSX has already managed a lap time of just 7 minutes 37 seconds leaving it just 8 seconds behind its chief rival, the Nissan GT-R. With two more years of development left before the full production model is unveiled, it wouldn't be too demanding to expect this model break the 7min 20second barrier, but only time will tell.


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