The 350-horsepower Ford Focus RS is a current star of the hot hatch scene, and Ford is allegedly having trouble meeting the high demand. According to The Truth About Cars, the Blue Oval is delaying some customers’ orders because the Saarlouis factory Germany can’t keep up.

There will be 220 customers in North America who won’t get their 2016 Focus RS, and Ford will deliver a 2017 model year example to them instead. "Customers with changed 2017 Focus RS orders will be prioritized and experience almost no delay in delivery of their vehicle," Ford's Matt Leaver told Motor1. The global demand for the new hot hatch was simply higher than the Blue Oval’s estimates.

A planned summer shutdown for scheduled maintenance at the Saarlouis factory doesn’t help quell the high demand. Workers won’t be back on the job until August 15, a Ford spokesperson Dan Jones told The Truth About Cars.

The new RS has been sought after even before Ford announced the pricing, and the United Kingdom had 1,500 orders long before the release date. Demand is so strong there that customers might be waiting months to get their car, according to an earlier report.

For a lucky few, the new RS has arrived. Ford delivered the first one in the United States a few weeks ago, and there was a little delay for them to trickle out to dealers. Being an automotive celebrity like Matt LeBlanc doesn't hurt either.

Source: The Truth About Cars

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