Mazda Canada Offering Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Between 41 mpg in the Mazda6 and impressive driving dynamics in the capable CX-5, we can think of a few reasons to buy a new Mazda in 2015. But Canada might have the best reason of all. That’s because Mazda Canada announced that all 2015 model year vehicles will come with an unlimited mileage warranty, allowing new owners to drive as much as they want with less to worry about. The unlimited mileage warranty becomes the standard factory warranty going forward from 2015, and covers one year of service adjustments, all defective parts for three years, new vehicle coverage for three years, powertrain coverage for five, body corrosion for seven, and three years of roadside assistance. No mileage restrictions, just days on a calendar. RELATED: Take an inside look at the all-new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Cup racer
Of course, offering an unlimited mileage warranty is only an effective business move if the company doesn’t think it’ll need to exercise it. Considering Mazda ranks third on Consumer Reports’ 2014 Car Reliability Survey, the decision looks promising. Already bought a 2015 Mazda? Don’t worry, Mazda Canada will retroactively honor all 2015 new purchases and even allows the warranty to transfer to subsequent owners. RELATED: The all-new Mazda3 hatchback pairs a sporty ride with everyday capability ___________________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article from BoldRide