Hear this Tuner Turn Audi R8s into an Orchestra

Located in Dortmund, Germany, Jean Pierre Kraemer’s JP Performance shop provides tuning setups that span the automotive gamut. From Volkswagen Golfs to Lamborghini, Ferrari, and everything in between— they do it all. But it appears that Kraemer has another talent we weren’t aware of … orchestral conducting. PHOTOS: The 2015 Audi R8 Competition is the closest you'll get to a street-legal R8 racecar
JP and his three-piece ensemble of Audi R8 sportscars – two V10 Spyders and an V8 Coupe – sound off in a visceral cacophony to the tune of 28 cylinders and throaty exhaust. Whether there’s actually a song in there, remains to be seen (or is it heard?). Like many bands, there's one guy who's slightly off key – and JP has to give him a little tune up. We hope this is an everyday occurrence around the shop. Now someone just needs to get some Lamborghinis together. RELATED: Cars don't get much meaner than this ABT-tuned 2014 RS6-R Avant __________________________________________________ For More, Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Sign up for our Newsletter