Watch a Twin-Turbo Ford GT Put Down 1,894HP on the Dyno

The Ford GT40 was conceived for one purpose – take the fight to Ferrari at Le Mans…and win. As a proof of concept, it did just that, and in some ways the 2005 Ford GT remake has gone on to do the same against its Ferrari road car contemporaries. Now, Texas tuner M2K Motorsports is getting their hands on the rarified GTs, adding a pair of turbochargers, and chucking out some absolutely huge horsepower figures. Take a look. RELATED: Take a look back at the iconic '68 Ford GT40 in Gulf Racing livery
This Ford GT, which adorns a retro Gulf Racing livery, is also incidentally the GT that set a high-flying 273 mph top speed at the Texas Mile in October. Though considering it wallops 1,894-horsepower at 7400 rpm, that turn of speed begins to make a lot more sense. According to High Tech Corvette, the video’s uploader, it wasn’t even running at full boost during the dyno session, at which point it can produce well over 2,000-horsepower. This notable Ford GT enjoyed a previous life with Hennessey Performance, until it was rebuilt by M2K and fitted with a twin-turbo Accufab Racing V8. It's now officially very, very fast. RELATED: This is one of the first Ford GT40 prototypes built for Le Mans __________________________________________________ For More, Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Sign up for our Newsletter