Watch This Jeep Smash into a Custom Ferrari at SEMA

Last week, all the world’s custom car aficionado flocked to SEMA to gawk over some of the most insane cars on the planet. The Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 was one, a lifted, modded-out Jeep was another. Apparently said Jeep didn’t like all the attention the Ferrari 458 was getting, though. Because after the show, it ran right into the Ferrari guns hot. It looks like all those added lights don’t actually do anything. RELATED: See More of the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458
Bystanders were pretty pissed. But thankfully, Liberty Walk took the accident in stride and posted this up on Twitter. All’s well that ends well, I suppose. RELATED: See Photos of the Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition __________________________________________________ For More, Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Sign up for our Newsletter