Toyota Shocks SEMA with 850HP Camry Dragster

When most people think 'Toyota’, they think of reliable sedans, tough trucks, and the occasional ‘90s sports car. What they don’t think of, however are V8-toting 850-horsepower dragsters. But that’s what Toyota produced today at SEMA. Top Gear’s Rutledge Wood unveiled what appeared to be a stock 2015 Toyota Camry XSE…until he lifted up the body to reveal an NHRA full tube-frame chassis and burly 5.7-liter supercharged engine underneath. Meet the Toyota Sleeper Camry. RELATED: Check out Toyota's insane Sequoia Dragster from SEMA 2012
Toyota Shocks SEMA with 850HP Camry Dragster
Built by Toyota’s Motorsports Technical Center, the Sleeper Camry came together in just 11 short weeks. On the outside it’s an all original 2015 Camry body, in fact the doors fully function still. But on the inside, the funny car has more Tundra DNA than anything else. A 2015 Tundra gave up its 5.7-liter V8 engine, transmission, rear axle and electronics for the build and then Toyota figured that wasn’t quite enough, so the team slapped on a TRD supercharger, massive 335/30/18 drag racing wheels, and a 300-shot nitrous kit. Sleeper indeed. There’s even a trick exhaust system which can divert gases through the standard pipes or shoot 'em straight out of the headers. PHOTOS: This DC Shoes Toyota Tacoma Concept Truck has every tool you'll ever need

Toyota built a V8 supercharged sleeper Camry. It's nuts. #SEMA2014

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All totaled, Toyota claims the boosted Camry will rocket through the quarter-mile in 9.8 seconds. But you certainly wouldn’t know that from the outside. Expect to see this bad boy sedan at some of the upcoming Toyota-sponsored NHRA events, or check it out on the SEMA floor from November 4-7. RELATED: The 2014 Toyota FT-1 could be the next Toyota Supra __________________________________________________ For More, Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Sign up for our Newsletter