Autocross Event Turns into Slap Fight in Spain

It doesn’t matter how docile you are 99 percent of the time; behind the wheel of a car, most racers would say they’re on a knife’s edge. As such, tempers flare and on-track racing incidents can quickly evolve into off-track brawls.Or in the case of this video below, on-track slap matches. RELATED: This 2014 Rallycross VW Beetle makes an insane 540-horsepower
In the video, captured at an autocross event in the Galicia region of Spain, two autocrossers in buggies vie for position going into a corner, end up connecting with each other, and are then both sent barreling into a dirt wall … leaving one driver stuck precariously upside down. Things get interesting when a spectator jumps from the viewing area and proceeds to barrage one of the drivers with a round of slaps, followed by a swift karate kick by the second driver involved in the accident. A couple more spectators jump in to break up the lively tussle. More than a few insults get thrown around, some hands get gestured, and at one point spit flies. Thankfully other than one or two bruised egos, nobody was hurt. RELATED: Take a closer look at the latest changes on the Local Motors Rally Fighter ____________________________________________________ For More, Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Sign up for our Newsletter