Watch an RC Car Break the 200MPH World Record

Blink and you’ll miss it. Notable RC car aficionado Nic Case set out to break the vaunted 200 mph barrier in a radio-controlled car, and after years of attempts, he’s finally broken through. On October 25th in Saint George, Utah, Case piloted his warp speed RC car, aptly named “the Bullet”, to an electronically recorded top speed of 202.02mph. The speed run has yet to be verified by Guinness World Records yet, though based on the video of the event below, ‘the Bullet’s’ incredible velocity is hard to discount. RELATED: You can buy a 100MPH R/C Traxxas car on Amazon
Case has made a considerable name for himself in the RC car community, beginning in 2006 when Case smoked RC Car Action’s ‘World’s Fastest RC Car Challenge” with a world record speed run of 134.4 mph. In the years since, it’s safe to say he’s gotten quite a bit faster. Case’s 200mph ‘Bullet’ features a custom body, chassis, wheels and tires, though he admits most of the car’s electronics come straight off-the-shelf. Where to from here? 250 mph…300 mph? RELATED: This Nissan ZEOD completed the world's fastest electric lap of Le Mans For More, Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Sign up for our Newsletter