Interactive Honda Ad Shows You the Naughty Side of Civic

If you only accomplish one or two things today, make sure one includes watching this thriller of an ad from Honda. To express the double-sided nature of the automaker’s everyday drivability and point-and-shoot performance, Honda has woven together an eye-opening short film, aptly titled “The Other Side.” In it, the narrative pits a dad picking up his kids against the duality of a short-shifting getaway driver. One man, two very different Civics. PHOTOS: Take a closer look at the sinister 2015 Honda Civic Type R Concept
You can check out the trailer above for a hint of that sensation, but you’ll need to watch the short feature here on Honda Video’s YouTube channel for the full throttle experience. And it’s quite the experience. Press the “R” button on your keyboard and you’re shot back and forth between each storyline, the school run in the normal Civic and the heist in the 2015 Honda Civic Type R concept, which we hope will migrate to these shores soon. What are you doing? Click the link and start watching already! RELATED: Will the mid-engine Honda S660 be better than the iconic Honda S2000? __________________________________________________ For More, Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Sign up for our Newsletter