Watch the World's Smallest Rocket-Powered Car Take on a Quarter Mile

The Peel Trident is officially the smallest most adorable car in the world. But that doesn’t mean it has to be small on speed too. At least not this one, because some insane person strapped a rocket engine to the back of it. The custom-built Peel definitely isn’t stock, as a few reports have pointed out. The whole chassis looks like it came off a go-kart, and someone just dropped a Peel body on top of it. Not to mention the rocket at the back.  RELATED: See Photos of the Original Peel P50 Stock or not, it recently made its way over to Santa Pod Raceway (ironic) in the UK where it posted a top speed of 78.48 mph and a 23.3 second quarter mile. As slow as that sounds, that’s actually a world record speed for the Peel. Watch it here:
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