Watch a ’68 Barracuda Wheelie for an 11s Quarter Mile

Within the scope of bad ass things to do with your car, wheeling ranks about three slots above drifting and burnouts, and perhaps a few notches below doing a mid-air flip. Needless to say, it’s very cool. By our calculations, that would make this next guy one of the coolest people on Earth, maybe even the coolest, though we’re still waiting on that mid-air flip. RELATED: Take a closer look at the 1968 Plymouth Barracuda
Meet AJ Fiorelli. He drives a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda, dubbed the "Airborne Cuda" and as its moniker suggests, he’s a pretty competent wheel-stander. How competent? At last Sunday’s World Power Wheelstand Championship in Byron, Illinois, Fiorelli laid down an astounding wheelie run of 1,141 feet. It was twice that of the second place finisher and nearly double that of the previous track record (660 feet). PHOTOS: Check out this sinister-looking '70 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda The Rockford Register reports that while he won comfortably, but Fiorelli knows he could have done better. Powered by a 524-cubic-inch big-block Dodge engine, Fiorelli wheelied the ‘Cuda for an unbelievable 1,320 feet at Illinois’ Cordova Dragway Park last year. “It has been in my family since 1968,” he notes. “So I don’t want to wreck it.” And for the rest of us unworthy of such two-wheeled mastery? We’ll continue to fail at pulling wheelies, but succeed at crashing in style. RELATED: Chevrolet Wants YOU to Name this 2015 Camaro Special Edition __________________________________________________ For More, Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Sign Up for our Newsletter