7 Reasons Why the Nissan GT-R is Perfect for Everyone

We certainly aren’t the first to say it, and won’t be the last, but the Nissan GT-R is a bit of an everyman’s supercar. It isn’t ruinously expensive; however it is obscenely fast, easy to drive, and boasts a mountain of technology underneath. While that’s certainly not everyone’s checklist for a daily driver, you could, and in fact many people do, drive GT-Rs on a daily basis. And we think we’ve found a few more reasons for anyone to cash-in their old beater and drive away in Nissan’s pumped-up pavement crusher. Kids Love GT-Rs
Perfect for: Toddlers, teens and tweens Why spend hundreds of dollars on the latest toys when a ride in a tuned 1,000-horsepower Nissan GT-R is all that your kids want. In this adorable clip, one lucky lassie was taken for a few speed runs in her dad’s high-horsepower Nissan. We’re quite jealous. By the way, she told Mummy. RELATED: Check out photos of the iconic 2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec Even Grandma Can Drive One
7 Reasons Why the Nissan GT-R is Perfect for Everyone
Perfect for: Elderly racing drivers The Internet is home to many a strange image. This famous snapshot of an elderly woman heading to the grocery store in a GT-R is surely one of them. Better yet, she even used the handicapped parking space. We’re just going to let you stew over this oddity for a bit. It Can Haul Things Thing
7 Reasons Why the Nissan GT-R is Perfect for Everyone
Perfect for: Moving crews on a time restraint Just because you’ve chosen the life of a sports car driver, doesn’t mean you’ll never have to haul any big unwieldy objects. Just ask anyone who has a Miata. Thankfully, the GT-R – with its big power and all-wheel-drive – seems more than capable at pulling a trailer fitted with said object. Though, as you’ll soon find out, snowmobiles aren’t really necessary when you’ve got a Nissan with over 500 rampant horses. RELATED: Sneak a peak at the latest shots of the 2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO sports car It’s a Multi-Sport Athlete
Perfect for: Scandinavians, or people living in Vermont While it might not be taking up water sports any time soon, this clip from the frozen north shows that the Nissan GT-R is perfectly at home on snow, slick rally stages and ski runs, as it is on track. If you do own a GT-R and are now hell bent on winter-rallying your Nissan, perhaps leave that bit up to the professionals with go-fast digital camo wraps and camera crews. It Always Speaks the Language
Perfect for: Captains of industry Travelers? Shipping off to a foreign country can be a big task, especially if you aren’t fluent in the native tongue. But behind the wheel of a Nissan GT-R, it’s no worry – everyone speaks the language of revs. Filmed at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore, the video shows over 40 Nissan GT-Rs from the Singapore and Malaysian owners’ club stretching their vocal chords. Apparently that’s a popular model in those parts. PHOTOS: Chevrolet wants YOU to name its 2015 Camaro SS Special Edition You Don’t Even Need Vision to Drive One
Perfect for: Visually impaired If this story doesn’t warm your heart, you either don’t have one or are of the belief that “my tuned Honda Civic could totally go faster.” Here’s a hint: It can’t, and this is amazing. Mike Newman, 52, cannot see – at all. But that didn’t stop him from setting out to try and re-record the blind land speed world record, which he previously held at 186 mph. After a tense blitz down an empty runway, he beats it. Check out the video to see just how fast he goes. It’s Handy in the Kitchen
Perfect for: Homemakers and blender salesmen Need to make a protein shake in a snap and for some reason you can’t separate the blender from its base? No problem! The Nissan GT-R can accommodate said blender and jolt you around a track without even a spill. All yours for just 36 lease payments of…quite a lot. RELATED: Check out all the latest shots of the new 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO __________________________________________________ For More, Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Sign Up for our Newsletter