Watch this Ferrari LaFerrari Supercar Hit 213 MPH

What happens when you take two miles of closed runway, a bunch of hypercars, and a load of folks itching to press their right foot hard onto to the floor? You get the Vmax200. Located at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in the UK, and set up by the exclusive Auto Vivendi club, the invitation-only event brings together the world’s quickest hypercars and poses the question – “Who can top 200 miles per hour?” One man took that challenge head on. PHOTOS: Get a close look at the rare 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar
Ding ding ding! We have a winner. While it might not have been the fastest on scene, this lightning-quick Ferrari LaFerrari is arguably a top runner. Videographer David Yu sat shotgun in the LaFerrari and recorded his experience while the car’s owner dropped the hammer on a blisteringly fast loop. As you can see from the clip, the 950-horsepower LaFerrari blitzes the 200 mph barrier and notches a high-flying 213 mph top speed on track, allegedly cut short by some 200 yards thanks to a parked Boeing 747 jumbo jet in the way…and a swerving truck. Think that’s something you want to get invited to? You’ll have to join Auto Vivendi. For around $8,000 you can have exclusive access to some of the world’s wildest supercars. Better start saving. RELATED: Ferrari needs to build this insane 2014 Ferrari LMP1 Concept by Daniele Pelligra ________________________________________ Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Facebook