Watch the Electric BMW i3 Silently Lap a Track

If given the chance to ‘track’ either of BMW’s two new electric i-Series cars, the BMW i3 and i8, we’re fairly certain which choice would win out with resounding enthusiasm – cut to dream sequences of the sleek i8. But that doesn’t mean that the more family-friendly i3 hatchback is a slouch on the circuit by any means. In video from Movilidadelectrica, the first Spanish customer to receive a BMW i3, Puky Pedro, took his electric hatch to the country’s Circuito del Jarama and gave it a fair romping. RELATED: Check out all the latest shots of the new 2014 BMW i8
According to BMW Blog, Pedro entered the circuit with about 80 miles of range on the clock and after three laps around (a total of 11.5 miles), he left with 62 miles of range – not bad, considering dropping the hammer in an electric car tends to sap more battery life than an ailing iPhone. And as far as performance goes, the video backs up Pedro’s positive reviews, noting that “the BMW i3 is more fun than it looks on track, very light, quick accelerations and decelerations.” The i3 initially kept pace with a leading pack of cars, albeit held up by a slower car, and eventually overtook the unhurried hatch. Next time you go to your local track, keep an eye out for speeding i3 BMWs, you certainly won’t hear them coming up from behind. RELATED: See Photos the Track-Happy BMW i3 ________________________________________ Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Facebook