Deadmau5 Bought a McLaren P1 Because Forget Ferrari

Remember when Ferrari told a certain Canadian DJ what he could or could not do with a 458 he purchased with his own money? Well yeah, he's not taking taking any empty threats from Ferrari sitting down. At least, not in one of their cars. DJ Deadmau5 — everyone’s favorite gearhead/mouse head DJ — is buying a brand new, 900+ horsepower P1 to shove in Ferrari's face. And partly because his 650S just "wasn't powerful enough" (at least according to one report). He tweeted this a few days back: RELATED: Ferrari Tells Deadmau5 to Get Rid of His Purarri 458 Now he's going to have two McLarens and a BAC Mono in his garage. That sounds like a trio we could get used to. Oh, and he also said he had some unapproved fun with his Purarri before getting rid of it. We might need video proof of that, for science: RELATED: See Photos of the High-Powered McLaren P1 Supercar That's one way to show those stingy Italians. RELATED: See Photos of the McLaren 650S Supercar ________________________________________ Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Facebook