'Top Gear' Gets Attacked in Argentina

The news was out, and we all learned that the Top Gear boys were filming their latest special in Argentina with a trio of lovely sportscars. Everything seemed like it was going pretty smoothly…until Clarkson opened his dumb mouth. Or license plate, more accurately. According to Car Throttle, the license plate number on Clarkson’s Porsche 928 reading ‘H982 FKL’ was seen by many as offensive and insensitive to the Falklands War. And that made some locals pretty mad, as you can see below. RELATED: See Photos of the Lotus Esprit
Protests began outside the crew’s hotel, before politicians eventually forced the BBC and the whole of Top Gear out of the country altogether. But not before an angry mob left a few windows shattered and one crew member injured. What you saw above was the trio, along with camera cars (Range Rovers), tying to get past the mob and out of the country with the help of a police escort. Producers say that the license plate was merely a coincidence, but given Clarkson's history, we find that hard to believe. RELATED: See Photos of the Ford Mustang Boss Photo Credit: Resumen Policial