10 Car-Related Ways Your Day Could Be Much Worse

Perfect. It's Sunday. You sidestepped Tuesday’s brake replacement, negotiated a fender-bender on Thursday, and now it’s just you, the last day of the weekend and some much deserved relaxation. While a week of automotive calamity certainly does a number to your mental state – and blood pressure – it could always be worse. Don’t believe us? Check out the following car-related incidents that make a scratch or dent look like a godsend. Paint explodes in your face…in your car
10 Car-Related Ways Your Day Could Be Much Worse
Location: Belfair, Washington Well, that’s one way to redecorate your car. In June 2013, a man drove off the road while transporting large buckets of paint in his trunk. The buckets launched the sticky pigment across the interior of his car, completely coating himself and his poor dog. Luckily neither was seriously injured.

A deer hits you in the face…on a motorcycle

Location: Snowshoe, West Virginia What could have been a tragic accident would eventually become Internet gold. During the 2012 Rally West Virginia event, Braden Childers was racing his way through two-days and over 300 miles of fierce competition – only to come literally face-to-face with a bounding deer. Childers, who was knocked off his bike, promptly got back to racing though. As for the deer, Childers said, “It was already gone when I looked back.” PHOTOS: Volkswagen turned its gas-miser XL1 into a 168mph sports car

Vandals tip your Smart ForTwo

10 Car-Related Ways Your Day Could Be Much Worse
Location: San Francisco, California Apparently jokesters in San Francisco have nothing better to do than pick up cars and leave them on their sides. Earlier this year, vandals tipped a number of pint-sized Smart ForTwos in the city’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. Whatever happened to just TP-ing a tree?

A crane falls on your car

10 Car-Related Ways Your Day Could Be Much Worse
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Imagine walking out of your local gym, only to find a crane lying on top of your car. Well, that happened. A crane used to demolish an old school fell down after taking too big of a swing with a wrecking ball. Luckily a car softened its fall. Unluckily, somebody inside the local gym owned that car. RELATED: Lamborghini finally has a hybrid hypercar, the all-new Asterion LPI

You drive onto someone else’s roof

10 Car-Related Ways Your Day Could Be Much Worse
Location: Glendale, California It’s an epidemic - when unintended acceleration attacks. A Southern California man left his driveway on a Saturday afternoon. Moments later, he parked his Cadillac on top of a neighbor’s house. Luckily neither he nor his wife were harmed, but a crane had to be used to hoist the Caddy off the shack.

A sinkhole swallows you up

10 Car-Related Ways Your Day Could Be Much Worse
Location: Duluth, Georgia One minute you’re driving along, the next – you’re in a hole. It’s a scary thought, but that’s what happened to this unlucky driver. And to make matters worse, vandals cut his seats and stole his radio before the car could be removed. Damn kids. PHOTOS: The 2015 Hennessey Mustang goes toe-to-toe with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat

You drive into a pool

10 Car-Related Ways Your Day Could Be Much Worse
Location: Harris County, Texas Someone described as a young driver got into a brand-new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 in April and proceeded to dump it right into a swimming pool. According to the report, the youngster skipped the curb and got some air, eventually coming to rest in the pool. The driver wasn’t hurt … aside from his pride.

You get stranded in fresh cement

10 Car-Related Ways Your Day Could Be Much Worse
Location: Houston, Texas Ma’am, you can’t drive there. A lawyer stuck in early-morning traffic decided she’d pull a U-turn at a conveniently empty portion of Houston’s roadway. Paying no attention to the bright orange barrels or guys in high-visibility jackets, she did it, and ended up with all four wheels in five-minute-old cement. RELATED: You need to see the all-new 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale A

Bees like your car, a lot

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina As it turns out, bees are commonly transported at night when it’s cold and the insects are less active. Why you say? Because this happens. An officer responded to the scene of a broken-down truck that was carrying bees. The insects sensed light, began to swarm, and proceeded to sit on the next closest thing … the officer’s car. No one was hurt.

The Wienermobile crashes into your house

10 Car-Related Ways Your Day Could Be Much Worse
Location: Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin Everyone might be in love with the Oscar Meyer wiener, except for these folks. In Wisconsin, the 22-year-old driver of this Wienermobile mistook forward for reverse, and drove straight into this house. Both the home and vehicle sustained significant damage. We can only hope they got free bologna for life. PHOTOS: The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 goes 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds

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