Watch Some Texans Destroy Trucks to Stop Terrorists

Ho Lee Crap. Terrorists of the world – you better think twice about barreling through the gates of any US embassies from now on. Why? Because Texas A&M is developing new “perimeter security devices” against rogue vehicles…and the results are simply terrifying. Watch: PHOTOS: Also in Texas, the all-new Hennessey Venom F5 is a different kind of scary
RELATED: Check out the diabolical 2015 Hennessey 550hp Cadillac Escalade In cooperation with the U.S. State Department, Texas A&M’s Transportation Institute tests various ways to keep terrorists from breaching barriers, the most recent of which was caught in spectacular slow motion. The video shows a former Blue Bell ice cream delivery truck careening into a steel barrier at 50 mph. Upon impact, the 24-foot-wide barrier slices through the cab like a hot knife through butter and embeds itself squarely in the center of the truck. The Texas Tribune confirms the test to be a success, as the goal was to prevent the truck’s bed (laden with theoretical explosive barrels) from passing more than one meter past the barrier. Watch all five camera angles to see the windshield go flying and the severed hoses spray coolant in slow-mo. As can be seen, driver safety isn’t really a primary concern here. PHOTOS: Sneak a peak at the new 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale A ________________________________________ Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Facebook