Or is it?

When the new McLaren P1 came out in 2013, LA Angels pitcher CJ Wilson made sure he was getting one. And he said it was going to be pretty unique. We just had no idea how unique it was actually going to be.

This is it (as seen on Instagram), and it’s covered in a flick chameleon paint job that Wilson affectionally calls “blurple." It's also got some bronze wheels, and orange brake calipers because why not. It’s probably the strangest one we’ve seen to date, but arguably one of the prettiest. RELATED: See Photos of the McLaren P1 Hypercar

MLB Pitcher CJ Wilson’s McLaren P1 is “Blurple” and Beautiful

Wilson actually drove the new P1 right when it first came out, and he’s a regular on the race track. So it’s no surprise that he actually went out and bought one of these things, and did it up like no one else could. I'm sure we're gonna be seeing this blurple beauty all over Instagram in the near future. RELATED: See Photos of the McLaren 650S Supercar ________________________________________ Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Facebook