Ellen Parody of McConaughey Lincoln Ad Better Than Original [Video]

Matthew McConaughey recently appeared in an ad for the new Lincoln MKC and it's, unusual? Yes, that's a good word to describe the spot, but the version Ellen Degeneres did is completely hilarious. It's the more likely of the two to make you want to go buy the car. The ad Lincoln filmed has McConaughey in his shiny new MKC at a standstill in the middle of the road facing a bull. He's just sitting there in the car, twiddling his fingers, staring down the beast. Also, twangy Western standoff music is playing in the background. And then he starts talking to the bull. RELATED: See More Photos of the 2015 Lincoln MKC
Ellen Parody of McConaughey Lincoln Ad Better Than Original  [Video]
The bull is named Cyrus, and he is very big and despite McConaughey's need to drive down the road being blocked, the bull stands his ground. Eventually McConaughey decides the long way is better and he turns around and drives back from whence he came. Ellen Degeneres got hold of the ad and put herself in the back seat of the car, chowing down on a baggie full of really tasty pot brownies and making all sorts of ridiculous bull-related jokes. Those brownies, dude, they go a long way toward explaining why McConaughey is talking to a bull named Cyrus in the first place. RELATED: Check Out Photos of the 2013 Lincoln MKC Black Label Concept
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