This Jet-Powered Dragster is Mind-Blowingly Fast [w/Video]

Top Fuel Dragsters are some of the fastest cars on the planet. They typically hit speeds of 300+ mph and make mince meat of quarter miles. So, in theory, one doesn’t necessarily need to strap a jet engine onto one to make it go fast — but it looks so freakin’ cool to do so. Scotty Heat owns the insane machine seen here. It’s called the 50 CAL Jet Dragster and it’s often seen hitting 300+ mph top speeds. Quarter miles? Not a problem. The fastest straight line quarter mile clocked by the 50 CAL is a mind-blowing 5.23 seconds at 302.14 mph (seen in the video below). RELATED: See Photos of the World's Once Fastest Vehicle, the Blue Bird V So if you love fast cars, jet engines, and America, the 50 CAL might be your new favorite dragster:
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