Deadmau5 Drives for UberX in his McLaren [w/Video]

UberX can be a bit of a gamble. Sometimes you get swept away in a late model Audi, other times cramped into an eensy Mitsubishi Mirage. Regardless, Uber app users in Toronto got a bit of a treat last Wednesday night. That’s because Deadmau5 showed up to chauffeur folks around in his brand new McLaren 650S, aptly named the "Meowclaren." The Canadian performer previously tweeted that he’d become an UberX driver, but now we’ve got the video evidence to back that claim up. PHOTOS: Get up close with the gorgeous 2015 McLaren 650S
During his night of Uber-ing, Deadmau5 lent himself to a few selfies, talked about his elderly cat, and even discussed Tim Horton’s new corporate takeover. You know, your typical night-out conversations. Hopefully this trend of celebrities moonlighting as UberX drivers catches on, because if deadmau5 has proven anything, it’s that he’s legitimately a very normal guy. Which A-lister would you want to get a ‘lyft’ from? You know where the comments are… RELATED: Wheelsandmore turned this 2014 Ferrari 458 into an Absolute Monster