The 2010 VW Polo SUV will gets 4MOTION as it replaces the Dune and takes on other mini SUVs of the future.

German SUVs/crossovers galore! So many coming, you’d think a cross-dressing competition was going on! Volkswagen’s turn at the small SUV segment was thought to have ended with Tiguan. However from 2010 we may have to think again as the company plans its attack on the upcoming BMW X1/ MINI/ Corsa SUV brigade through the Polo SUV. This ain’t the Dune by the way, this is a proper SUV, well, a 4x4 one at any rate, that will use VW’s 4MOTION system. From the look of things VW is going back to its roots in that Audi will not have to worry about big brother poaching sales from it via yet another luxury line. Polo will be no rival to the A1.

Design chief Walter da Silva has made it clear that from a design point of view, future Volkswagens will not try and out-design themselves at the expense of Audi for points in the premium segment. Therefore expect the Polo SUV to be simpler, yet still distinctively VW, especially on the grille.

A number of current Polo powerplants will carry over, most notably TDI versions. Of course the 1.4 TSI will be mixing it in there, one up from the 1.2-litre three-cylinder with about 70 bhp. A new 1.2 TSI will make 105 bhp. Others include a 1.6-litre TDI as well as a 1.4-litre TDI.

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