Grab These Classic Junkyard Parts While You Can

When I was growing up in the late '70s, whenever you needed a part for say, the family 1968 Plymouth Fury, you headed over to the local junkyard. It's now long gone, as many junkyards across the U.S are falling victim to land development and environmental concerns. And now one more is about to shutter its gates. You have until winter comes to avail yourself to all Troy Auto Parts – located in East Troy, Wisconsin – has to offer. The 27-acre site, about 35 miles southwest of Milwaukee, has more than 4,000 vehicles that need to be cleared out by the time the snow falls. RELATED: See Photos of a Beautifully Restored 1965 Mercury Cyclone According to, "I would say we have about 30 or more cars back to the 1950s, and a whole bunch of 1960s and 1970s cars; 99 percent of them are American,” said Ryan Sie, a yard employee and the car guy who is organizing this final appeal to car collectors to fetch parts off the vehicles before they go to the graveyard in the sky. Sie added, “I have been putting cars off to the side that are worth saving. When the time comes that they are getting in the way, then they will be crushed. This whole lot has to be cleared.” adds that the inventory includes a 1958 Buick, Thunderbird “Squarebirds”, Chevrolet Impalas and Bel Air models from the 1960s, and even a finned Imperial and a '60s Imperial coupe, among many others. RELATED: See Photos of an All-American 1969 AMC Hurst SC Ramber In the Midwest and need old car parts? It might be worth the trip to see what's out there. Sure, none of these are barn finds but there seems to be salvageable bits. RELATED: See Photos of a Pristine 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe _____________________________________________ Follow BoldRide on Twitter and Facebook