Here's a few fun facts you might not have known about the original Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Cadillac.

This weekend every Ghostbusters fan around the globe is celebrating the movie franchises’ 30th anniversary. Whether you’re hitting the theaters or watching it at home, most everyone knows and loves the Ghostbusters franchise.

But there might be some things you didn’t know about the Ecto-1 Cadillac used in the movie.

It Was Supposed to be Much Spookier

If it was up to Dan Aykroyd, the Ecto-1 would have been much more sinister than it appeared on film. It was initially painted all black and used flashing white and purple strobe lights to give it a really unique glow. Unfortunately, when directors realized they had to film the vehicle in some night scenes, an all black car just wasn’t going to fly. So they ditched the super spooky paint job for something a little more fan friendly.

It Initially Had Supernatural Powers

Along with a spookier look, Aykroyd’s initial Ecto-1 concept even had some supernatural powers, like the ability to dematerialize.

It Broke Down on the Brooklyn Bridge

During the filming of Ghostbusters II, the original Ecto-1 was in such bad shape, it broke down during a shoot…in the middle of the Brooklyn bridge. And since the bridge has no pull off lanes, the NYPD fined producers for causing a significant traffic jam.

Only One Car Was Used in the First Movie

The studio initially purchased one Miller-Meteor Ambulance’s for the film, and then another for “premodification” scenes. Only the first ever saw any time on first film, before it crapped out in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge (see above) during the shooting of Ghostbusters II. At which point, it was time to call the stand in ambulance, the Ecto-1a for the remainder of the second film.

The Original Car Got a Full Restoration by Fans

Last year we reported that Universal wasn’t giving up the original Ecto-1 to fans, even though it was turning into a hunk of rust. Well, we’re happy to report that those eager fans managed to buy the beloved Ecto-1 and restore it to near perfect condition. It looks great — you can see the finished product here. Now we’ve heard the reports, and rumor has it a third Ghostbusters flick might be on the way. The question is — which car do you think would make the perfect updated Ecto-machine? Let us know in the comments. 

Source: Ghostbusters.Wiki.Com