Red Bull Sponsors Soap Box Racing, and It's Awesome [Video]

Quick, think of your favorite sporting event. Formula 1? Football? Forget it. This is the Red Bull Formulaz, and it might just be the coolest – and perhaps cheapest – way to get behind the wheel of a race car. Held on a very, very steep hill in Ardesen, Turkey, competitors don the obligatory Red Bull safety gear and then dive-bomb their handmade soapbox carts down the slope, dodging sandbags, spectators, and each other. The soundtrack alone makes the video worth watching. RELATED: See Photos of the 2014 Red Bull X2014 Concept
Of course, tiny wooden wheels don’t exactly provide excellent grip as well as steering by tiller so there might be a crash or two. Maybe. Best of all, a man wielding a giant whip starts each six-car heat, which is frankly brilliant and begs the question – why isn’t that motorsport’s universal starting protocol? RELATED: Check out photos of the odd-looking 2013 Red Bull Lamborghini Gallardo