Famous Bond Helicopter Flies Into Goodwood Revival

If your taste in James Bond is from the Sean Connery era, you might want to hoof it to the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation exhibition at the Goodwood Revival on September 12th. The Bond helicopter flown by Pussy Galore is going to be front and center.

The whirlybird featured prominently in the finale of Goldfinger. Galore, played by actress Honor Blackman, (what a great combination of real and character names) flew Goldfinger’s atomic bomb to Fort Knox as part of a masterful crime she helped spoil. (Bond convinced the gorgeous villainess - lying in the hay below - to turn against Goldfinger of course.)

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Anyway, the Bond helicopter is a Hiller UH-12E4. It appeared in an Oscar-winning movie nobody under the age of 65 remembers called The VIPs from 1963. But it did get to ferry two impressive and tumultuous stars: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

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According to the site JamesBondLifestyle.com, this helicopter was manufactured by Hiller Aircraft Company in California in 1960. It has recently been completely restored and is a fully functioning, flying-certified helicopter.

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Not a fan of Bond, Pussy Galore, Burton or Taylor? Well, the Goodwood Revival is also going to feature Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson's Fokker DR1 triplane. That's a plane similar to the one flown by German WWI ace Manfred von Richthofen, aka, The Red Baron. You know, the guy that Snoopy is always battling against in The Peanuts cartoons.

So if you're in the area, you might want to stop by and check 'em out.